Prayers of St. Agrippina

Our Prayer to St. Agrippina

O glorious virgin and Martyr Agrippina your cruel executioner bound you to prepare you for martyrdom. Pray for us that our hearts will also be bound always to God's holy love, Let us pray fervently. May devotion to Saint Agrippina Endure for ever. - Amen

Additional Prayer

O Dio, tu hai concesso a Sant'Agrippina la grazia di unire al fiore della verginitá la palma del martirio; concedi anche a noi per sua intercessione di vincere le passioni della carne e le insidie del mondo, per arrivare ai gaudi eterni. Per Cristo Nostro Signore. Amen.

Translation: Oh God, you have granted to Saint Agrippina the grace to unite the palm of martyrdom to the flower of virginity. Also, you grant us her help to overcome the passions of the flesh and the snares of the world to arrive at the joys eternal. For Christ Our Lord. Amen.





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